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ComCap The Podcast

Mar 29, 2017

CCTP2 - A Crowdfunding Exit with Scott Wise, Amy Cortese, and Ryan Flynn

"Scotty’s Brewhouse in Indiana has become the first intrastate crowdfunding exit.

After raising money through Indiana’s intrastate crowdfunding exemption in 2014, Scotty’s Brewhouse, a chain of 18 brewpubs founded 20 years ago, recently agreed to be acquired by a private equity firm for an undisclosed sum.  Scotty’s raised just a small amount of its total funding over the years through crowdfunding. And the offering, on Localstake, was a revenue-sharing deal— a loan with variable interest payments—so the investors did not have an equity stake in the company. Still, it is one of the rare “exits” for the young but growing crowdfunding field." - Amy Cortese, Locavesting

Hear Amy talk with Scott Wise and Ryan Flynn about the crowdfunding campaign and the partnership with Due North Holdings that resulted in an early payback to his investors.  You can read all about this experience here: