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ComCap The Podcast

May 16, 2017

Economic Development Business Networks

In this episode of ComCap The Podcast, we revisit the 2016 ComCap conference session “Working With State Economic Develop Business Networks”.  Led by Noah Brockman, this panel dives into the tools of the economic developer, and how intrastate securities crowdfunding can help to bring capital to diverse communities.  


Noah Brockman, Oregon Capital Access Team Advisor


Chris Miller, City of Adrian

Chris Miller is the lead economic and downtown developer for the City of Adrian, in SE Michigan. He came to this position with a background in business, a career in education that included private and international schools, and non-profit and government leadership work. He worked as a city commissioner and Downtown Development Authority board member, and served as chairperson of the regional chamber of commerce, symphony orchestra, and housing development coalition.

Stephen Michael, Main Street Alliance

Founded in 2005, the Main Street Alliance is a national network of small business coalitions working in 16 states to build a new voice for small businesses on health care, financial reform, and other national and local issues.

Lisa Dawson, Northeast Oregon Economic Development District

Lisa has worked in economic development since 1989. She helps organizations flourish by improving their long-term viability. She has worked with elected officials, non-profit organizations and community groups.

Lisa also enjoys working with entrepreneurs and business owners and appreciates their role in growing the region’s economy. She is proud to be part of an effort to increase technical assistance, networking, skill-building and financing for entrepreneurs.

Lisa grew up on a farm in the Wallowa Valley and enjoys working with the people and communities that define the rural region in which she makes her home.

In this episode you’ll learn

  • An overview of Economic Development Business networks and what they can do for you.
  • How Community Capital is different from traditional financial access tools.
  • What is working for some Economic Development districts to encourage crowdfunding
  • How networks using coordinated messaging, education, and budgeting can achieve impact.
  • How terms like “local” take on new meaning with intrastate securities.
  • Some guidelines for internetwork partnerships.
  • What types of business would benefit from an intrastate securities offering

Links to Resources Mentioned

Hatch Innovation

Main Street Alliance

Northeastern Oregon Economic Development District

City of Adrian Community Development



“I think the biggest challenge is engaging investors and having interesting offerings for them to invest in. So having a match happen at the right time…it’s going to take that continued education and investor engagement to make other deals be possible“