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ComCap The Podcast

May 10, 2017

A Recipe for Crowdfunding with PieShell founder Cheryl Clements

In this episode of ComCap The Podcast, Amy Pearl sits down with Cheryl Clements, founder of the rewards based crowdfunding platform, PieShell.  Cheryl founded PieShell as a way to tap into her technology background and help entrepreneurs in the food space get the structure and funding they need to stage a successful crowdfunding raise.  With a unique stair-step approach, PieShell offers entrepreneurs a community to tap into for support, and the experience they need to grow their company.  Hear all about Cheryl’s journey to create PieShell, as well as her thoughts on the growing movement focused on crowdfunding capital.

“One of the things i decided to do is I decided to do something I was always told not to do, ask for help and ask for money”

“Why food?  The answer for me is food is how we say I love you.  It’s how we have fun and how we build relationships."



Amy Pearl, Hatch Innovation


Cheryl Clements, Founder + CEO, PieShell

For PieShell founder Cheryl Clements, food is personal. It’s about connection. Growing up, Cheryl spent summers helping her mother run a pie-making business. Aptly named “The Pie Shell”, it was headquartered where all good startups begin: the family’s basement. It was from her mother that Cheryl learned what it takes to build a successful food operation, but more than that, she learned how communities grow around the food that people share. A few years ago, when Cheryl thought of embarking on her own food venture, she saw a crucial need for a crowdfunding platform that addresses the unique challenges of food and beverage entrepreneurs.

In this episode you’ll learn

  • The vetting process Cheryl uses for offerings on PieShell.
  • Why Cheryl chose a rewards based platform versus a equity crowdfunding site
  • How PieShell’s "Stepping Stones" approach works to assist entrepreneurs launch their product.
  • Why the amount of the raise and the reasons behind the amount are very important to the success of the campaign.
  • Tips for a successful crowdfunding raise
  • The story of the gift waiver option for funders.
  • The future of PieShell and where they see the company going.

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