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ComCap The Podcast

Sep 6, 2017

Serving Minority Entrepreneurs with Xiomara Pena

Tackling small business development is a challenging task, especially when you take the sheer size of states like California into account. But small business development in a general sense does not necessarily meet the needs of diverse business owners.  That’s where Small Business Majority fills the gaps that traditional economic and small business development can’t fill.  With thorough research and polling, as well as on the ground representation, they are trying to meet the needs of minority small business owners in towns and communities that are often neglected.  

In this episode, Amy Pearl speaks with Xiomara Pena of the Small Business Majority about the current state of economic development in minority communities, and how best to serve them.


Amy Pearl, Executive Director, Hatch Innovation


Xiomara Pena, Southern California Outreach Manager / National Hispanic Outreach Manager, Small Business Majority

Xiomara Peña works from the Los Angeles office where she focuses on strengthening relationships with small business owners and organizations across Southern California. She also manages Small Business Majority’s national Hispanic small business outreach work focused on delivering quality resources for the Spanish-speaking business community. Prior to joining Small Business Majority, Xiomara piloted business retention programs for the City of Los Angeles and programs geared toward empowering at-risk youth. She also has extensive experience as a community organizer and campaign manager. Xiomara is fluent in Spanish.

Her most notable accolades include a Leading the Way award and the Champion for Families award for her leadership in the Latino community. In 2016, Xiomara was recognized by the L.A. Mayor's Office of Economic Development for her extensive work highlighting responsible lending and education on access to capital options for small businesses. She currently sits on the Advisory Board for the Women's Mentoring Collaborative Program and is the Chair for the El Nido Family Centers Alumni Association.​

In this episode you’ll learn

  • The background of the Small Business Majority and the gap that they are trying to address.
  • How Small Business Majority reaches communities that have unique challenges, and addresses those challenges.
  • How polling plays a role in the construction of educational resources and workshops.
  • Why collaboration needs to play a role in your own outreach.
  • The importance of proper translation and cultural congruence when designing educational tools for minority entrepreneurs

Links to Resources Mentioned

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