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ComCap The Podcast

Apr 28, 2017



The Future Of Social Enterprise Funding

In this episode of ComCap The Podcast, we revisit the 2016 ComCap conference session “The Future of Social Enterprise Funding”.  A social enterprise is an organization or initiative that marries the social mission of a non-profit or government program with the market-driven approach of a business. This panel discussion focuses on the emerging tools that are helping social enterprises secure capital, and on the flipside, how some cities and demographics are divesting from Wall St. looking to invest elsewhere.  



Kristin Wolff, Thinkers and Doers




Katrina Scotto Di Carlo, Supportland

Katrina Scotto di Carlo is co-founder of both Supportland and Portland Made. She has dedicated herself to co-creating collaborative ecosystems that grow into a foundation for community resiliency.

Lisa Ramirez, Two Tongues

Lisa is an ardent, young entrepreneur who recently completed Hatch Oregon’s CPO InvestOR Accelerator program. She has a passion for diversity, inclusion, individuality and art which are the driving factors for her new business, Two Tongues— an apparel and accessories store dedicated to serving the needs and preferences of the LGBT+ community. Two Tongues is the first apparel store in Oregon to curate clothing specifically for the queer and trans community.

Kate Kilberg, Catalyst Law

As an attorney with fifteen years’ experience, Kate’s practice focuses on non-profit and tax-exempt organizations, social enterprise, philanthropy, and complex estate planning and administration.

In this episode you’ll learn

  • How mission and money mesh in a social enterprise
  • How city commissions are formed to divest from corporations with destructive practices
  • How Oregon’s Intrastate Crowdfunding law is helping to fund social enterprise
  • How Supportland was formed, and their mission to help small business compete
  • The challenges of funding social enterprises

Links to Resources Mentioned

Hatch Innovation


Two Tongues

Catalyst Law



“This idea of taking investment decisions out of the fucking boardroom and making them human scale, we can do it with the CPO but we also need to be doing it for our institutions” Katrina Scotto di Carlo